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You can choose to make an appointment to have your personal
drawing or I can create it for you and send by post.

$70 AUD ~~~ In Person / Pick Up Cash Pmt.
$80 AUD ~~~ Incl. Postage within Australia


That # resonates to your soul completely # is geometrically & musically attuned to the language of light # represents your own personal blueprint # gently activates the genetic encoding deep within your cellular structure # represents your God I Am # enables your individual qualities & gifts to surface # is accessible via the heart centre only # is the key to your personal ascension # is nurturing, loving & gentle #

Your Soul & Your Drawing Are One

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The drawings are NOT a single personal or spiritual symbol as such. It is an intricate, geometric drawing, which goes into quite a lot of detail. It also may have light writing and encoding which the soul will resonate to. This can heal & transmute old stuff. Some of them also include musical notes, which can also trigger off memories.

The drawings include vortexes to leap through which could be past or future. These vortexes may include times, which must be healed and transmuted or, they may be a world of information, which can help you proceed along your pathway. Each part of the symbol has a story that is relevant to yourself.

It is not a drawing that is meditated on once and then forgotten.

It is an ongoing tool to use.

In fact, the symbol will tell you, when you have finished with it and what to do with it. You will know when the time is right. Each musical note, each squiggle & dot and geometric shape, has a message for you. The drawings are individual & will assist your transition from Duality to Oneness.

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