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Grounding Ascension


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You are already Masters of the Universe and have just forgotten. Using my workbook, will assist you to remember who you are and assist with your journey through the doorway of the 11:11 beyond the illusion. Create the life you were meant to live.

It is not a story ~ it is a compilation of workshops I have done over the years with either a guided meditation or worksheet at the end of each chapter to complete. Also an excellent tool for new teachers starting to guide others, as you can uses the book for your classes.

Top of Form


Chapter 1 ~ 11:11 and Other Master Numbers

Chapter 2 ~
A Spiritual Warrior

Chapter 3 ~ Balancing the Male and Female Energies

Chapter 4 ~ Creating Your Sacred Space

Chapter 5 ~ Crystal Energy

Chapter 6 ~ Earthbound Spirits and Energies

Chapter 7 ~ Lightbody Chakras and Aura

Chapter 8 ~ New Earth Children – You and Your Kids

Chapter 9 ~ New Energy and How it Works

Chapter 10 ~ Numbers and Signs in your Name and DOB

Chapter 11 ~ Soul Relationships

Chapter 12 ~ The Dark, The Light, The Oneness

Chapter 13 ~ What is happening on Planet Earth

Chapter 14 ~ Who are Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters

Chapter 15 ~ You are The Master of your Body

Chapter 16 ~ Your Soul's Home



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A beautiful set of 33 powerful activation cards you can utilise for yourself, your family and your clients.

Channelled and drawn by myself, your guidebook has information about each card, how to use each card and reading spreads you can use.

The drawings contain sacred geometry, vortexes, timelines, sound codes and light codes that you can access through meditating with the card/s, balancing you at an energetic level and bringing you closer to your Soul's purpose. Each card has a 'story' relevant to you and will be different for every person.

Using these cards to heal, balance, integrate or simply just accept information and wisdom from your past selves or future selves will change your life in the here and now.

Meditating and working with these images affects all levels of your being, including parallel lifetimes if necessary. These cards are an ongoing tool for you to use and each musical note, each squiggle, dot and geometric shape has a message for you; assisting in raising your consciousness as you journey into The New Earth energies.


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