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  1. Is my life working or am I fooling myself?
  2. Do I find myself trying to escape?
  3. Do I make excuses for not being where I want to be?
  4. Is my life full of deep-burning purpose?
  5. Do I know what I want in life?
  6. Am I fulfilled with what I do?
  7. Does my life make a difference?
  8. Whatever you do in this life, do something that will make a difference and you'll leave that behind.
  9. Am I a spectator? Or am I in the driver's seat of life?
  10. No one can ever take your freedom of thought and choice.
  11. Am I rowing my boat through life? Or am I still trying to get in it?
  12. Am I trying to ride the wave of life without getting my board in the water?
  14. Am I caught in my own web? A victim of life?

It's all about choice.


ABUNDANCE? helps release emotions of ?we are not enough? and worry. It also helps let go of scarcity and poverty consciousness, making it an excellent oil for those who struggle and worry about money and want to move to a wealth consciousness.
TIP: Pop a drop of ABUNDANCE in your mailbox to bring finance to you.

ACCEPTANCE? If you want to change life you have to accept it.There are many ways to travel through life. Be sure to choose one. Don't set yourself up to say No, I can't. I won't. Don't build walls. You might block something you need. Use Acceptance. Life is based on structure, belief and behaviour patterns. Eliminate can't and try from your vocabulary.

CLARITY? blend will help those resistive to learning new things or changing habitual patterns. It gives the mental clarity and focus needed to overcome change and embrace learning on a new level. A human can change a behaviour pattern. CLARITY will help you determine which patterns to change.
TIP: This is fantastic oil for training animals when providing them with new information on any level, especially those who have fears or lack concentration.

EN-R-GEE? blend helps you feel gently supported so feelings of separation and isolation can be released. When you feel as though you need to do everything on our own you can become physically and mentally exhausted. This is when our endocrine and adrenals begin to become fatigued. At this point, gentle support and nurturing is essential to rebuild the energy system of the body and mind naturally.
TIP: Use with Motivation (apply to spine) Pay attention to your talk. Life can get you down.

FORGIVENESS? blend helps to release the negative emotions of betrayal, distrust and revenge. It will help you move from self-denial so you can forgive, forget and let go of the patterning of the past. Use this blend if those behaviour patterns were taught to you as a child in words, or learned from observing actions of others.

GRATITUDE? was blended to quiet down, soothe and elevate the mind while bringing relaxation to the body. This blend promotes the emotions of gratefulness, thankfulness and appreciation. When we concentrate on the things we are grateful for instead of the things that we are stressed about, then we open ourselves up to receiving more of our gifts; and things flow better when our heart and mind are open.

HARMONY? blend helps those who feel like they are being ignored or crushed in their life. It can also release hostility, fear of being punished or the habit of beating oneself up. Most of these emotions stem from the lack of love or compassion for self. Harmony will help restore hope empathy and faith in self once again by balancing the emotional body.
TIP: When you're playing mind games (what if), you are insecure. Use HARMONY, BRAIN POWER, VALOR, CLARITY.

INNER CHILD? When we spend our life serving others needs instead of our own we get further and further away from our true self and our true purpose. Slowly and surely we lose part of ourselves or give it away to others unknowingly. Inner Child helps bring us back to the core of who we are. When we learn to start loving and knowing our own soul, we can truly live a fulfilling life.

MOTIVATION? blend helps release emotions of being stuck, procrastination and fear of moving forward, helping those who are afraid to move forward; and therefore procrastinate in getting things done. It allows us to take the necessary actions to move forward with life; and once that starts, then inertia takes over.
TIP: Use with Magnify your Purpose or Envision oil blends.
TIP: Use it to get going (pop drops on bottoms of feet)

PRESENT TIME? forces the body to stay in the moment. Smelling this oil will bring you right back to the moment. Those who live in the past or the future are never fully present; and those dealing with loss or buried emotions, or tend to day-dream or live in a world of illusion, will be brought back to a sense of reality. Mind and body become separated when in extreme fear and Present Time will bring alignment back to the body and mind as a cohesive unit.
TIP: PRESENT TIME helps with the burdens of life. When you believe in you, here & now, you are the most powerful force in the universe.

RELEASE? is a very effective blend for releasing negative memories that are stored on a cellular level. This oil is also very useful in releasing anger and other negative emotions.
TIP:Combine this oil with other single oils or blends to facilitate release. Use Inner Child or SARA to bring up an emotion; then continue with Clarity so that the reasons behind the work are clear. Then follow up with Release to assist in cleansing the memories. Release will do its job regardless, and combining oils for clarity with any kind of emotional release work is very beneficial

SURRENDER? oil blend helps us release emotions of overbearing resistance or controlling ways in our life. It will help those who are afraid of moving forward or need to surrender to a more open mind. Emotions are powerful—either positive or negative. You can use them to drive you to greatness, or drive you to the grave.

TRAUMA LIFE? goes to the root of the problem when we are blocked emotionally due to past trauma or abuse (physical or mental) It helps with sorrow or grief for the loss of a loved one or animal. Either way, this oil helps overcome difficult situations, releasing the emotional edge that keeps us stuck. It can be used at birth, which is a very traumatic experience for both mum & bub.
TIP: When using Trauma Life to release anger and resentment towards childhood trauma, even past life trauma, the oils of Inner Child, SARA and Release may also be effective, either separate or combined.

VALOR® or VALOR®II will assist in aligning the energies of the spine. When the body, mind and spirit are aligned, we are able to open and release emotional barriers that are keeping us stuck. This oil allows us have the courage and self-esteem to allow us to overcome those things that are holding us back. Remember, when we are stressed or worried we are creating imbalance in our bodies on all levels.

The Feelings? collection features six essential oil blends that promote emotional and psychological balance and wellbeing. The essential oil blends included in the Feelings collection should be applied topically on the body or diffused for aromatherapy.
Six 5-ml bottles: Harmony?, Forgiveness?, Inner Child?, Present Time?, Release?, Valor® II

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