Welcome everyone, to my website and to those beautiful souls dedicated to change and living through the challenging times of The Age of Light.

Living free of fear and no longer staying stuck in the limitations of the old ways of living, once again self-empowered and back onto our creative pathways.

Returning to the natural ways of living, healing and being. Following our intuitive soul feelings and purpose with ease and courage and inner strength.

Reconnecting Mind, Body & Spirit, operating as One.

I offer various mental/physical/emotional/spiritual & energetic healing modalities which are listed on the left hand side of each page, including Reiki / Seichim Energetic Healing, Biofeedback Therapy and Young Living Essential Oils. I have found that all of these modalities assist us through these changing times.

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Young Living Essential Oils/Products Distributor

Biofeedback Therapy

Reiki Healing Training

Seichim Healing Training

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